Adadao Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Adadao and its partner entities may collect, use, process, share, and transfer personal information collected from the Adadao platform users. We are required by regional laws to ask for certain personal information from our users, which is to be used for specified purposes only.

By visiting the Adadao platform and utilising services offered by the platform, you agree to understand and provide your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

INFORMATION WE COLLECT The following are the types of information we may collect from people visiting or registering on the Adadao website and using the platform services:

Information collected from users registering on the Adadao platform

When a user registers on the Adadao website, he/she shall provide the following personal information:

Email address
Date of birth
Phone number (optional)

Information collected for compliance purposes

To comply with different regulatory standards of local and global levels and for a variety of purposes such as KYC, AML, etc., Adadao may be required to collect personal information other than that mentioned above, including:

Identity proof
Address proof
Source of fund declaration
Source of wealth
Such information, if ever collected, will be notified to the user separately.

Information collected for use of Adadao services

Service usage information
Transaction information
Communication information
Financial information

HOW WE COLLECT THE ABOVE INFORMATION Automatic collection of information

Certain information, including the personal information of a platform user, is provided directly by the user, such as

Information shared when registering, logging in to the website, or using the platform services;

Voluntary information provided through surveys, feedback, etc.;

Information shared by accepting the use of browser cookies.

Collection of information from third-party sources

In some instances, we may collect user information from third-party sources, such as:

Public databases, identity verification providers;

Analytics services;
Blockchain data;
Marketing partners.

HOW WE USE THE INFORMATION COLLECTED FROM THE USERS We may ever use the information collected from our users only for the following purposes:

To provide Adadao services The information we collect from the Adadao website users will be primarily used to ensure the consistent delivery of quality Adadao services and to verify users’ identities. We use your device’s cookie information, including the IP address, to authenticate the user identity and avoid misuse.

For security purposes The information collected from our users will also be used to protect the platform, services, and users’ data, accounts, etc. For instance, we may use cookies and IP information to protect our users against spam and DDoS attacks. Also, we may analyse the activities of the platform users to detect and deal with suspicious behaviours that may lead to fraud

For legal and regulatory purposes We may be sometimes required to use the personal information of our users in compliance with local and global regulations and legal or government requests. In cases where it is absolutely necessary, we may also need to use or share your personal information without your explicit consent.

For research and development purposes We track user activities and analyze data to understand the way you use Adadao services and interact with the platform in order to find opportunities to improve our services and performance and to resolve platform issues to improve user experience.

For communication with users We will use your personal/contact information, including your phone number, email address, etc. to communicate with you for purposes such as customer service, support, sending alerts & updates about logins, transactions, withdrawal, etc. Personal information such as phone number and email might be used for user verification when transacting on the platform.

Also, we may use your personal or contact information for the purpose of communicating offers, new products/services, etc.

For marketing purposes

We may occasionally process your information with our partners for the purpose of marketing and advertising.


Adadao takes adequate physical and electronic measures to keep the data and information of its users safe. To protect your information from theft and unauthorised access, we use encryption and other security methods.

Even though we follow all the possible measures to protect your personal information on our platform, it is possible for your information to get out in any other way. In any case, Adadao or its partner entities cannot be held responsible for any security issues or losses that may arise from the leakage of information.

TRANSFER AND SHARING OF USER INFORMATION We may occasionally, or when required, share your personal information with our partner entities, teams and sister companies in specific cases. Also, we have the right to transfer and store your information on our servers located in other countries than your country of nationality.

COOKIES We store cookies, which refers to the browser data related to a user’s internet browsing activities and behavior, for the purposes of providing better services to you, tracking the performance of our platform and marketing efforts, and offering personalized services based on your browsing preferences.

CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY As and when required, Adadao may make changes in this privacy policy as per changes in our product, services and operations and in compliance with changes in respective laws. When and if this happens, we will notify our users either by posting on our social channels or by sending

emails/alerts. Your continued use of Adadao means you agree with the terms of the updated privacy policy.

All information provided in this Privacy Policy is accurate and up to date as per our best knowledge. Should you still have concerns regarding anything in this Privacy Policy, you can contact us via our Support Page.