Weekly Technical Update

10/04/2022 - Technical Update - 10

As part of this week’s update, we will share this week’s progress and what component we worked on.

1. Borrowing service - Added stability fee payment in borrowing contract.

2. Liquidation Service - Finished liquidation endpoint.
- Completed liquidation contract createLiquidation endpoint, models, draft validator, tests.
- Finished add liquidationCounter task.
- Created endpoint which searching for illiquid vaults (this is on Review).

Currently working on validators and tests for liquidate endpoint.

3. Individual receipt service & Stability pool service - Added liquidationCounter to StabilityPool and Receipt scripts.
- Improved Validators for ReceiptDeposit.
- Fixed StabilityPool and Receipt tests.

4. Management contract - Refactored vault manager and fee pool (removed unnecessary parameters, simplified code),
- Fixed postman collection according to management contracts changes.
- Added collateral and debt to vault in VaultManager's storage.
- Added updating collateral and debt in VaultManager's storage from borrowing contract.

5. Oracle: - Team researched Oracle and Oracle pool approaches.
- We have completed design of Oracle pool's contracts and created scheme.