Weekly Technical Update

16/04/2022 - Technical Update - 11

As part of this week’s update, we will share this week’s progress and what component we worked on.

So far development have been very fast paced and we are close to completing our MVP which will run on simulation environment and will be later integrated on testnet. Once we complete MVP, we will start integrating other features like Oracles , improving Eutxo, emergency protocol and governance etc, more details will be shared in upcoming technical details.

Here is the update for this week.

1. Liquidation Service - Added immutable thread tokens of services to ProtocolConfig.
- Fixed contractResponse endpoint and tests for it.
Currenly working on updating to new Plutus version.

2. Liquidate Service - Сompleted Liquidate endpoint, all the validators and success tests.
- Refactored liquidate logic.
Сurrently working on proper tests for liquidate logic.

3. Front-end for demo version Team has started working on designing the front end for demo version. Once completed front end will be integrated with backend and should be ready for demo on simulation environment.