Weekly Technical Update

23/04/2022 - Technical Update - 12

As part of this week’s update, we will share this week’s progress and what component we worked on.

1. Liquidate Service - Refactored liquidate endpoint.
- Completed documentation for liquidation.

2. Liquidate Service & Stability Pool Service & Individual Receipt Service - Improved postman test collection considering liquidation, receipt and stability pool recalculation services.
- Fixed tests and simulations for recalculation and receipt endpoints.
- Made proper tests for liquidation & recalculation tests fix.
- Added OffChain and OnChain check that Wallet has enough funds for transaction for Receipt Contract.

3. Management contract - Added endpoint to get StablecoinProtocol (managerPkh, threadToken) for frontend.

Currently working on Store protocol info (activate management contract and run scripts while server is starting).

4. Common tasks - Designed and added auxiliary API for demo project.
- Currently working on estimation of the 2nd phase: making research and estimating System modes, Withdrawing and Recalculation endpoints.

5. Front-end layout for demo version Completed Home page, Deposit page, new vault page and Modal window (see the screenshots).

Home Page-

Deposit page-

New Vault Page-

Modal window-