Weekly Technical Update

30/05/2022 - Technical Update - 15

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Control block - Added DB to control block, added exchange rate table to control block DB and loading DB config from file.
- Made function to get mocked exchange rate (while we haven't oracle) and save it in DB.
- Added DB migration lib, migrate exchangeRate and tested exchangeRate creation.
- Added collateralization field to VaultInfo and tests for VaultInfo calculations.
- Refactored DB module.

2. Common tasks - Added availableToWithdraw and allowedToBorrow fields to the VaultInfo (for frontend).
- Made GetAssociatedReceipts endpoint for frontend.
- Refactored and tested Management contract (Liquidation part) for demo.
- Deployed front-end demo to server.
- Finalized postman collection for demo.
- Set up pab connection to the testnet, added doc to run PAB.
- Researched new Cardanohardfork features.
- Made research on OpenMarket and prepared the document with the description of OpenMarket basic functionality (to be discussed in details with Cardence team).
- Fixed and extended Emergency Shutdown paper.
- Rethought the design of control-block: control block is a separate application includes liquidation contract.

3. Individual Receipt Service - Made function for calculating current Receipt Product and Sum according to the Liquidations the receipt participated.
- Made functions for calculating rewards and getting information about receipts.

4. Individual receipt and Liquidation Service - Researched ReceiptWithdraw and Liquidation approaches.
- Refactored GetReceiptInfo with new receipt calculation approach.

5. Individual receipt and Stability Pool Service - Make recalculation as a part of receiptWithdraw endpoint.
- Currently working on recalculation functions, flow and tests.

6. Front-end layouts for demo Currently making minor fixes to be able to deliver the demo for tests.