Weekly Technical Update

10-06-2022 - Technical Update - 16

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

Important update- We have to inform the community members that we need extra time for some research tasks that were not included in the project’s 2nd phase estimation, like research on Liquidation mechanism and Open Market. These mechanisms were thought upon while developing the first phase and is result of improvisation in order to build more robust and secured protocol.

The team is working on the features of the 2nd phase, but due to the additional research tasks the development is not progressing as fast as we planned initially.

We will do our best to keep up with the deadlines, but just inform you guys that there’s a possibility that we will be a little behind the estimated deadlines.

1. Common tasks - Started to research Open Market started Open Market PSM approach design document.
- Prepared and discussed questions for Oracle provider.
- Finished combine liquidate and recalculate endpoints for demo task.
- Fixed make "Wrong target for liquidation" error (task for frontend).
- Bug fixing: added valid range checks for protocol parameters in startProtocol and updateProtocol endpoints.
- Completed "Liquidation mechanisms" doc.

Currently continue researching Open Market PSM approach design and prepare the document with its description.

2. Control block - Currently refactoring the Control block.

3. Management Contract - Made ValidRange on-chain and off-chain checks for protocol configuration (startProtocol and updateProtocol endpoints).

4. Liquidation Service (new approach for liquidation implementation) - Made Recalculation script models and basic validators.
- Made createRecalculationScript endpoint and added it to runManagerScripts endpoint.
- Improved LiquidationCounter data with epochs and liquidation numbers, fixed endpoints and tests.
- Added Recalculation script to liquidate endpoint .
- Added getRecalculationStatus function for monitoring Recalculation progress.
- Finished recalculate endpoints.

Currently working on validators and tests for recalculate endpoints.

5. Stability Pooll and Liquidation Service - Remove liquidation fee from liquidation logic

Currently making research and improving doc for StabilityPool not enough funds problem and OpenMarket.

6. Front-end layout for demo - Management Service page: completed layout and connected to backend. Currently testing and fixing bugs.