Weekly Technical Update

8-06-2022 - Technical Update - 18

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Common tasks - Prepared PSM document that describes AUSD regulation model.
- Fixed errorMessage type in StablecoinProtocol validator.

Currently fixing minting in testnet, working on tests for checking the validators sizes, testing startProtocol endpoint in testnet.

2. Control Block - Started adding liquidation.
- Continue working on ControlBlock async design (currently research STM and create design).

3. Individual Receipt Service - Improved ReceiptWithdraw validators.

Currently working on NFT burning in while receipt withdrawing.

Context- When user makes a deposit to StabilityPool he gets a corresponding receipt for this investment. Technically the receipt is a script with its threadToken (this thread token supposed to be a NFT). We use the threadToken approach because it guarantees that we always can get the correct receipt (if we know the information about this thread token) and no one can make anything with this receipt without permissions (i.e. it's impossible to give us the fake Datum, as the the correct utxo must have this thread token inside). The problem is that every UTXo in Cardano blockchain must always have the minimal Ada, so when the user withdraws his rewards, he has to leave this minAda on the receipt script if threadToken is left on the script. So if we have an ability to burn this thread token we can return this minAda to user with his investment.

4. Liquidation Service (new approach for liquidation implementation) - Finished removing old approach.

5. Demo Added checks for user funds in Borrowing and Management (continue refactoring).