Weekly Technical Update

15-07-2022 - Technical Update - 19

1. Common tasks - Fixed full collateral withdraw validation.
- Splited ADADAO to management and user apps.

Currently fixing minting in testnet, working on tests for checking the validators sizes, splitting management contract to more contracts.

2. Control Block - Completed PAB communication function.
- Added WebSocket client to receive contracts states.
- Finished getExchangeRate worker with WebSocket and adding new value to Queue.
- Finished testing connectivity with PAB.
- Completed PAB communication and getExchangeRate from PAB.

Currently adding tests for getExchangeRate endpoint.

3. Oracle Currently working on mock oracle implementation and tests for it.

Currently working on NFT burning in while receipt withdrawing.

4. Demo - Demo for Management contract is completed and team is currently testing it end to end.

5. Testnet (script size check/bug fixing and optimization) -Currently working on Testnet script size check/bug fixing and optimization, will work on minting all system thread tokens in one transaction.
- Completed testing start system endpoints in testnet.

Currently working on validators and tests for system starting.