Weekly Technical Update

28-08-2022 - Technical Update - 23

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

Before that we wanted to provide you some updates regarding Adadao testnet release and where we are.

There are currently three testnets on Cardano: 1. Legacy testnet with the old version of node 1.35.2, it wasn’t updated, so the features for Vasil hardfork doesn’t work in it.
2. Pre-production testnet with new version of node 1.35.2 .
3. Preview testnet.

Preview testnet can work with the new version of node 1.35.3, there are new features of Vasil hardfork, but it doesn't support any of cardano wallets. So it’s impossible to test the contracts if there is no wallet.

Pre-production testnet is a copy of mainnet, so it hasn't been forked yet.

We have decided to start working in Legacy testnet, but then we will fix the contracts code again for updated testnet once Vasil fork has wallet capabilities, even though it will be a double work for us but it will ensure that we start early and be ready until Vasil has all the capabilities.

or upcoming weeks team will wrap up other development work and start working on legacy testnet. There are few components which we haven’t started yet but are mostly part of governance. We have shifted our focus on testing the application on testnet and optimizing the code to achieve target throughput and transaction capabilities for Cardano.

Below is the component wise update.

1. Control block - Continue working on retry logic in control block.
- Currently integrating SimpleOracle (in control block instead of mock).
- Changed OracleMonitor API format.

Continue integrating SimpleOracle (in control block instead of mock).

2. Auction Currently continue working on auction testing (debugging onchain and offchain code).
- Completed offchain part of auction.
- Researched model based approach by iohk (with quickcheck-dynamic) and tried to implement it for testing auction.

3. Individual Receipt Service - Completed withdrawRewards endpoint.
- completed FullWithdraw checks fixes and refactoring.

Currently adding receipt nft burning while withdrawing.

4. Stablecoin Protocol contract Currently working on stablecoinProtocol endpoints & script optimizatio.

5. Common tasks Researched rebalancing mechanism: researched liquity rebalancing doc, created doc.
- Updated plutus to v1.0.0-alpha.
- Finished Redemption mechanism document.
- Improved Emergency Shutdown document .
- Updated plutus deps to the newest tag.
- Created new nix config for control block without plutus deps.