Weekly Technical Update

09/09/2022 - Technical Update - 24

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

Team has started working on legacy testnet and we have started testing the application on test net parallelly.

1. Control block - Added oracle to protocol, fixed tests.
- Tested control block with simple oracle.

Currently adding check that contract instances are still actual, working over start work of restart contracts.

2. Testnet - Found working testnet configuration, tested management script in testnet.

3. Auction - Completed auction testing. - Added get endpoint to auction. - Added test cases for get and search endpoints.

4. Individual Receipt Service - Fixed minting nft policy in deposit endpoint. - Added receipt nft burning while withdrawing and fixed tests for it.

Currently working on improving and optimizing validators for Receipt script.

5. Common tasks Currently working on estimation of Emergency shutdown implementation.