Weekly Technical Update

14/09/2022 - Technical Update - 25

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

Team have been working on legacy testnet but we encountered below problems-

- Chain index has stopped to sync with Legacy testnet, so we deployed Preprod testnet with cardano-node-1.35.3. Now all components are able to sychronize.
- The ChainIndex function that we use in each endpoint (to get content on scripts from blockchain) in our project was deprecated, so we can't use chain-index service from plutus-apps. Looks like plutus won't support it no more. So we decided to try Blockfrost service to get info from blockchain avoiding chain-index.

We have Researched solution for Blockfrost integration.

Below are the updates on other components.

1. Control block - Added tests for retry flow.

2. Oracle - Used oracle in Borrowing and fixed tests for it .
- Used oracle in Liquidation.

Currently fixing liquidation/receipts tests.

3. Testnet - Completed fixing initProtocol/startProtocol with new preprod testnet environment (Management contract).
- Made OpenVault endoint for testnet and successfully tested it in testnet.
- Completed gotOrOpenVault endpoint and tested it in testnet.

4. Auction - Added simulation and finished with testing auction in simulation.

5. Individual Receipt Service - Completed adding nft burning to receiptWithdraw task.

Currently working on fixing onchain part, tests and simulations for new openVault/getOrOpenVault approach.

6. Common tasks - Refactored errors to return error codes and other data in all contracts. - Completed estimation of emergency shutdown. - Fixed PAB configuration for preprod testnet