Weekly Technical Update

22/09/2022 - Technical Update - 26

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

Major update for this week is that we have successfully implemented our own oracle and tested and integrated it with the protocol. Current data source is Coingecko to fetch ada/usd price feed, we are adding more data source.

Below is the updates on other components.

1. Management contract - Removed exchangeRate from Protocol configuration and get it from Oracle instead.
- Fixed and refactored tests (remove old start protocol, refactor some common functions).

2. Control block - Refactored retry endpoints.

3. Oracle - Implemented and tested coingecko integration with Oracle.

4. Individual Receipt Service - Improved Vault structure (added policyRef to Datum), fixed and improved Vault validator.

5. Testnet - Completed new openVault approach task (fixed tests, simulation, tested in testnet). -Currently testing initOracle in testnet, optimizing and testing openVault endpoint, testing startProtocol returning value for frontend.

6. Common tasks - Completed improving startProtocol returning value task for frontend (fixed endpoints, tests and simulation). - Added error codes for contracts errors. - Remove demo pab and backend from main. - Researched kupo, ogmios, oura.