Weekly Technical Update

02/10/2022 - Technical Update - 27

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

Currently team is testing the application on Pre-Production testnet which has Vasil capabilities, but without light wallets as the light wallets (Nami, Yoroi) haven't updated their API to work with PreProd testnet and new Vasil features yet. Also, to get information from Blockfrost we need the inline datum feature, but this feature has not been implemented in Plutus offchain part yet. Light wallets and new Vasil features are in work now and we hope it will be released by the Cardano dev team soon.

1. Control block - Completed function for top level async error handling and graceful shutdown.
Currently continue working on retries and tests for them.

2. Borrowing Service - Completed closeVault models, offchain code, tests for it.
Currently working on validators and testing closeVault in testnet.

3. Testnet - Tested openVault and improved startSystem in testnet.
- Tested init-start protocol -> openVault flow in testnet.

Currently testing initOracle and start protocol with oracle in testnet.

4. Common tasks - Tested new Plutus version in testnet. - Tested blockfrost API (get information about utxo by address and token).

Currently implementing Cardano serialization library to connect light wallets.