Weekly Technical Update

10-10-2022 - Technical Update - 28

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Control block Currently continue working on retries and tests for them.

2. Borrowing Service & Testnet - Completed endpoints for closing Vault and returning remaining funds and successfully tested the endpoints in testnet.
- Completed OnChain optimization and tests for closeVault and returnFunds.

Currently working on Vault script optimization and started depositCollateral endpoint.

3. Common tasks - Researched information about inline datums and reference inputs. Also to get information from Blockfrost we need the inline datum feature, but this feature has not been implemented in Plutus offchain part yet. Light wallets and new Vasil features are in work now and we are expecting it to be released by Cardano Devs soon.