Weekly Technical Update

02/17/2022 — Technical Update - 3

As part of this week’s update, we will share this week’s progress and what component we worked on.

1. Management contract -> Decided to create StablecoinProtocol which will be used to store protocol configuration - parameters as collateralToLoan, minDebt, etc. It will be used to start all other contracts. VaultManager is no more needed if we have StablecoinProtocol.
-> Management contract contains endpoints to update and retrieve protocol configuration. What is done: -> StablecoinProtocol model.
-> Management contract's StartProtocol and UpdateProtocol endpoints including off-chain part, validator and errors model. Added tests for both endpoints. Created simulation script and Postman collection for Management contract. Completing to add getConfiguration endpoint to Management contract.

2. StabilityPool Service Created the StabilityPool model, finished createStabilityPool endpoint, draft validators and basic tests. Divided updateStabilityPool endpoint into two endpoints: deposit and withdraw. Finished deposit endpoint offchain (interacted with IndividualReceipt Service). Currently working on deposit StabilityPool validators and tests.

3. IndividualReceipt Service Completed IndividualReceipt model and draft validator. Thought over the interaction between StabilityPool and IndividualReceipt.