Weekly Technical Update

01/11/2022 - Technical Update - 30

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Control block - Tested retries with PAB, fixed bugs in retry PR.
- Tested Control block with real Oracle in testnet.
- Successfully tested Coingecko api integration on Testnet.

2. Borrowing service & testnet - Completed replacing VaultManager with VaultVerificationToken.
- Upgraded bash scripts and made Readme file for Borrowing contract testing.

3. Oracle - Removed utxosAt from update and Oracle feed.
- Tested Oracle in testnet, fixed scripts, created README for testing with scripts.

4. Stability pool & Individual Receipt Services - Completed putting all the receipts on one script task.
- Added receipt verification token.

Currently working on ReceiptDeposit endpoint .

5. Front-end layout - Started fixing layout for updated version of application (remove mock wallets dropdown, balances, exchange rate, Run liquidation button and modal window). - Currently adding stability fee charge notification for users when they opens vaults, activate vaults, deposit ADA, withdraw, close vaults etc; adding Close Vault button and modal window (if deposit is 0 ADA).