Weekly Technical Update

08/11/2022 - Technical Update - 31

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Common tasks - Redeployed Testnet

2. Control block - Fixed getExchangeRate Flow (it changed because we can't use utxosAt), Fixed tests.
- Added UpdateOracleFeed tests.

3. Stability pool & Individual Receipt Services - Completed ReceiptDeposit endpoint and successfully tested it in Testnet, fixed onchain part and tests for it.

Currently working on ReceiptWithdraw endpoint

4. Database for front-end - Created DB tables to store Protocol, StabilityPool, Liquidation utxos.
- Added protocol API for front-end.
- Added tables for ScriptUtxos with mocked datums.
- Added ScriptUtxo API to backend (with protocol endpoints)

5. Protocol datum - Cleanup protocol datum from unused tokens.

Currently working on adding endpoint for close Vault in database and endpoints to request information about vaults, receipts, check if wallet is manager's wallet, protocol configuration and exchange rate