Weekly Technical Update

14/11/2022 - Technical Update - 32

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Backend - Added protocol API, and systemState endpoint for frontend
- Changed config and logs directory path reading way - needed for deployment
- Started to add VaultAPI (added tables and migration)
- Currently working on adding VaultAPI endpoints

2. Deployment - Deployed backend, setup for frontend development
- Created docker+nix config for backend and control-block deployment

3. Individual Receipt Services - Completed testnet improvements for WithdrawRewards and FullWithdraw endpoints
- Successfully tested them in testnet

Note: Because of Cardano tx size limits, we had to divide receiving rewards action on 3 parts: - applying for withdrawing (calculating rewards amount and minting ApplicationToken - special token for receiving rewards from StabilityPool)
- receiving rewards from StabilityPool (spending and burning ApplicationToken and receiving corresponding rewards)
- closing receipt (provider may get back his minimal Ada funds and burn receipt ThreadToken if there are no AUSD tokens left on receipt)

4. Common - Currently working on unplanned task - replacing error messages in onchain part with 3-digits error codes for saving transacion size

5. Protocol datum - Cleanup protocol datum from unused tokens.

6. Frontend - Added getProtocolUtxo, setProtocolUtxo and getSystemState requests
- Currently working on PAB requests integration