Weekly Technical Update

21/11/2022 - Technical Update - 33

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Backend - Added VaultAPI and receiptsAPI endpoints
- Added queries for VaultAPI, made more detailed postman tests for easier integration with frontend

2. Liquidation service Due to Cardano tx size limits we had to divide liquidation action on 3 parts:

a) seizeCollateral - make a check that a vault has an unbacked debt, and if so seize Ada collateral from the vault and mark the vault's debt amount as zero
b) liquidateWithStabilityPool - burn the corresponding AUSD amount from StabilityPool and put seized collateral to StabilityPool
c) updateLiquidationData - we need to store information about each liquidation to perfrorm rewards calculations for providers' receipts. So at this step we update liquidation information about performed liquidation.

First two endpoints are completed (offchain, onchain and tests) and successfully tested in testnet.
The third updateLiquidationData endpoint is in progress now

3. Frontend - Currently working on integration of Management service (update protocol) with back-end.