Weekly Technical Update

28/11/2022 - Technical Update - 34

As part of this week's update, we will share this week's progress and what component we worked on.

1. Liquidation Service - Completed onchain part of updateLiquidationData endpoint and tests for it, successfully tested updateLiquidationData in testnet

2. Control Block - Made table and migrations for LiquidationToken, added insert/get/update queries for LiquidationToken
- Finished logic part and queries for seizeCollateral, liquidateWithStabilityPool and updateLiquidationData
- Combined liquidation steps together

3. Backend - Completed Vault, Receipt APIs, tested APIs integration with PAB and deployed them
- Added added AppTokens API and tested API integration with PAB and deployed it
- Finished getSystemState endpoint (added all system utxos), added API to add/get system utxos and deployed it
- Refactored ProtocolAPI (wrapped responses into BackendResponse)
- Added service endpoint for restarting protocol

Currently working on tests for monitoring functions.

4. Frontend - Continue working on integration with back-end: management service and open/activate/close Vault