Weekly Technical Update

17/03/2022 - Technical Update - 7

1. Borrowing contract - Added updateDebt endpoint and success case test for it.
- Added addDebt Redeemer and checks for minDebtBalance, checks to the Vault's validator.
- Added Minting and Burning policies for AUSD and checks to AUSD policy for minting and burning, fixed errors in policy.
- Made types refactoring (combine AUSD/Ada/ThreadToken types and use the wrapped types across the whole project)

Currently adding check if vault was created and handle removeCollateral request.

2. Stability Pool Service - Finished detailed tests for Stability Pool Withdraw endpoint and fixed validators for it. Improved validators for Stability Pool Deposit endpoint.
- Completed the task to prevent starting Stability pool if StablecoinProtocol not Active (not running yet)
- Refactored wrappers for ThreadTokens, Addresses, Ada and AUSD AssetClass etc.
- added simulations for create StabilityPool

–°urrently working on recalculation logic.

3. Individual receipt Service - Added validators to receiptWithdraw endpoint.
- Finished the task to extract Provider (probably Receipt) contract (deposit and withdraw endpoints) from StabilityPool contract.