Weekly Technical Update

01/04/2022 - Technical Update - 9

As part of this week’s update, we will share this week’s progress and what component we worked on.

1. Borrowing Service Currently adding stability fee logic to the borrow transaction.

2. Managment contract (Operator contract) - Added Operator contract.
- Added fee pool and stability pool to Operator contract.
- Fixed tests and simulation script after adding Operator contract.
- Renamed Management to StablecoinProtocol, Operator contract to Management contract, collected StablecoinProtocol, Stability Pool, VaultManager under Management contract.

Currently working on documentation for StabilityPool contract.

3. Refactoring Refactored Stability pool, Vault manager, Stablecoin protocol, Fee pool. They are currently run through the Management contract endpoint.

4. Liquidation Service - Completed research on liquidation approach.
- Created models and draft validator for createLiquidationScript endpoint and draft validator. Currently working on liquidate endpoint.

5. Individual Receipt and Stability Pool Service - Finished Receipt and StabilityPool refactoring.
- Completed Postman tests for Receipt and StabilityPool.
- Remove AUSD AssetClass from Receipt and StabilityPool models.

Currently working on adding liquidationCounter to StabilityPool and Receipt scripts, improving Validators for ReceiptDeposit edpoint.

6. Stability Pool Service - Added proper tests for Recalculation.
- Finished documentaion for StabilityPool contract.